Lead me to the Cross Why gain the whole world just to forfeit my soul?


Today, a young boy told me I was not beautiful.
I was upset.
I believed him,
and was confused.

Had I really believed I was beautiful, and just came to realize I wasn’t?
In less than a minute,
I believed I was not beautiful.
Because of single child generated opinion.
As if I was not worthy of people’s acknowledgment.
Or Love.

When I saw my self, I thought I was pretty.
Not in an egotistical or haughty perspective.
It was different.
I simply enjoyed feeling beauty inside myself.
Beauty as a true form.
That is all.

I didn’t know how to respond to the child.
What was I to say?
“Actually, I believe I am beautiful.”
or, “I know, I couldn’t be beautiful, could I?”
I began to rethink my intimate concepts of ‘beauty’.
I decided, beauty was not intended to be strictly a
in its creation.
Yes, beautiful, in its technical definition, could be confined to, ‘pleasing to the eye’
your eyes can play tricks on you, can’t they?

The child decided I did not possess beauty because
he could not see it.
His brain told his eyes, “There is no beauty, it is nonexistent here. You see none.”
is where the divide occurs.

His brain directed his eyes to a physical structure that he did
not know profoundly.
He did not know my soul, spirit,
My heart.
How could I have been beautiful to him?
My beauty was hidden from him.
His heart was not connected to where my beauty truly was.

When I saw my self, I thought I was pretty.
Because I was loved.
Beauty stems from love.
I was made for love.

I thought I was pretty because my heart had directed my eyes to its hiding place.
My soul, spirit,
My heart.
My heart corrected my brain.
Not corrupted it.

Beauty is illuminate.
It shines from the inner depths of the heart.
My heart.
Your heart.

My discovery was not whether I was physically attractive or not,
but truly where I kept my beauty.
Where only the deep-seated seekers could see.

If I could reply to the child differently,
I would say,
“That’s alright.”
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose.”

My beauty. Its Beholder.


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